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Web based Point Of Sale System (POS)

Not too long ago cash registers were the only game in town, but these days companies have many more choices. Replacing those antiquated cash registers with modern point of sale systems carries a number of important benefits. Manage your sales, stock levels, reports and so much more from any location.

POS system

what it is

Chemists, retail stores, restaurants, bookshops, phone shops, boutiques, salons, barbershops etc all need a POS

The web based point of sale system handles sales, inventory management, supplier records, bookkeeping, issuing purchase orders, quotations, sales reports and even outlet networking.



Easier and Cheaper to install.

Offsite access. Access your store's core functionalities from any location in the world.

Ability to set up multiple stores under same same POS system.



Efficient report generation for accurate figures

Track biggest sellers

Automatic alerts on stock running low

quite easy to look up past transactions

Computerized processes are more comfortable.



POS system is faster, gets a single transaction done in seconds.

Tracking of detailed information for transaction.

POS systems cut down user errors, and ensures accuracy.

See real time inventory.

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