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The school management software is a computerized application and program which helps in effective and controlled running of the operations of a school. This software is considered to be perfect for storing, mining, controlling and centralizing of the activities of the entire school.

School management


Manage and run school core activities remotely from any location. Access data and information from your handheld device.

Take advantage of this seamless way of operation.


To the management

Creation of tech savvy image

Complete automation of operations

Centrally stored information

Reduces overall employee workload

Best School fee management


To Teachers

Automated student attendance

Marks and grades, computerized

Time tabling

Easy access and dissemination of information

Access to forum accessible to students and parents


To Students

School events and holidays access

Participate in discussion forums

Interaction with teachers, parents and peers

Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and exam schedule