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Butterfly Prime solutions is an IT firm dedicated to professional ICT service delivery and efficiency in its varied products and services. We believe in strong client relationship and involvement with the work we do. End result....Perfect!


We believe in working with everyone in a strive to Push the various innovations offered by the IT world. Butterfly Prime Solutions comes in as your perfect choice.

Web Development
Management Systems
Cloud Data Storage
Publicty and Advertising
  • Web Development

    Responsive Websites

    We offer Futuristic & professional web development services to schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, NGOs, stores, Organizations, businesses. Basically all entities need to have a smashing and awesome presence online. We are your best choice to get that done..

  • Management Systems

    Apps/ Management Systems/ POS

    We deal in Information & Management systems that are tailor made for specific firms/institutions.

    Information systems are software/programs that are developed to increase efficiency and maximize on performance at work. They simply make work easier when it comes to management. It is the perfect solution to move to a paperless platform. e.g a school may require a school management system to keep record of students, fees, school activities, reports, exams and so much more. A hospital will need this to keep patient record, automate all hospital processes, finances and drug dispensing. Same concept to hotels, real estate firms, pharmacies, libraries etc

  • Cloud Data Storage

    Have a backup Plan

    Cloud Storage is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. The service allows the users to store their important files on the cloud platform , so that they may be be able to access them from any location via the internet.

    It is more secure than location storage due to encryption, it is affordable, stands in well in case of a disaster to retrieve lost data.


  • Publicty and Advertising

    Advertise / Promotions / Get known

    Butterfly Prime Solutions has set up a Publicity and Advertising entity Under the brand "Kenya Finest". We engage in publicity and advertising for Big and small businesses. Kenya Finest is a platform giving a perfect mix of corporate advertising, availed to clients at an affordable rate yet presented in a rich and exclusive format.


Our driving force is pegged on professional designs and creative work arounds to bring the most out of a project.


Cost Effective Packages

We attract and retain a large client base with our cost effective packages. 100% value for money regardles of package.



We offer superb support service to our clients and resolve all issues raised if at all they face difficulties and need real-time help.



 Our dedicated team will amaze clients all through. Regardless of package, be sure to have the work done in an awesome way.



Efficient statistical data/results are facilitated upon request. This is basicaly important to help in descision making

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